DSL Line Rental Managed by Buzybuy

Apply for a new DSL line or transfer your existing DSL line to Buzybuy and let us deal with Telkom on your behalf plus receive discounted rates.

FREE DSL Line Installations

New Telkom ADSL line or transfer your existing line free of charge with Buzybuy and never deal with Telkom again.

24/7 Qualified Support

Our entire support team consists of qualified IT graduates and technicians ensuring knowledgeable and prompt support.

Premium Backbone Network Providers

Both Internet Solutions and MTN backbone network providers to offer the best network speeds for your region.

Full Line Management

Buzybuy will diagnose and manage your line for optimal performance and report any faults to Telkom for immediate repair.

Month to Month, No Contracts

Simple month to month solutions with no contracts and pro-rated services so you can sign up at anytime!

Easily Upgrade

You can easily upgrade your DSL line speed via Buzybuy without needing to contact Telkom.

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More Offerings from Buzybuy

Uncapped DSL

Premium uncapped DSL packages with no throttling and P2P downloads allowed.

Fibre Connectivity

High speed 100Mbps fibre to the home and fibre to business packages.

3G / 4G LTE

3G / 4G LTE data packages to use with your existing cellphone sim card or a free sim card provided by Buzybuy.

Shared Hosting

Get your own website and email hosting with a free .co.za domain.

24/7 Support

Qualified support on hand 24/7 via email, ticket system and telephone.

Month to Month, No Contracts

All our services are provided month to month, with no contracts.

99.99% Guaranteed Uptime

Our network has a proven track record with a guaranteed up time of 99.99%.

Variety of Payment Methods

A choice to pay your services via credit card or debit order and switch at any time.

Established for over 7 years

We have been in business for over 7 years providing stability to our clients.

Accredited ISP

Buzybuy is an official accredited registrar with large domain providers and trusted by corporate and individual clients.

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